From the trunk to the wood packing

Our work covers the whole process and offers multiple services that allow us to obtain both standard products and customized pieces for every need.


Design and consultancy

We offer technical and design consultancy to identify the specifications of industrial wooden packaging according to the characteristics of the product to be packaged, the regulations indicated, the country of destination and the method of transport.


We manage the production process and all its phases, starting from the raw material up to the finished product.

Custom packaging production

We design customized systems for any packaging. We produce all types of products, always finding a customized solution.

Finished product assembly

We assemble components and finished elements following the design specifications agreed with the customer.

Quality control for each stage of the process

We check all processing stages to ensure that each industrial packaging corresponds to the customer's needs and project specifications.

Heat treatment and drying

We are members of Conlegno Consortium for decades. We guarantee that the wooden packaging for Extra EU Exports complies with the Ispm 15 Fao standards, thanks to the H.T. and drying carried out on site with our systems according to the FITOK technical specifications.

Custom marking of products

With the various branding techniques we insert writings, symbols (such as recycling icons) and customized logos requested by the customer on the products ensuring a distinctive mark on the market.

Transportation and storage

We transport and ship wooden packaging throughout Italy. We have storage space awaiting delivery.


In our headquarters we have machinery and equipment to carry out multiple processes:

  • Line of log saws: machinery for the longitudinal cut of the log.
  • Numerically controlled cutting system: multi-blades, automatic cutting-off machines, pack cutters, milling machines. Ideal for processing semi-finished products.
  • Equipped workbenches for the assembly of the finished product.
  • Automatic lines for nailing pallets.
  • Wood heat treatment and drying plant, compliant with ISPM/15 standards for the production and trade of wood with the IPPC/FAO mark.