We have been working wood in Abruzzo for over 30 years

This long experience allows us to create packaging of any type and complexity, with customized solutions based on the specific needs of the customer.

Our story

Schieda Imballaggi was born as Schieda Filippo & Antonio S.r.l. and was founded in Civitaluparella (Abruzzo) in 1985 by brothers Antonio and Filippo Schieda. Initially it was focused on the forestry sector and in the sawmill plant for wood processing and the production of semi-finished products.
The founders of Schieda Imballaggi

In 1999 our company moved its headquarters to the industrial area in Fallo (province of Chieti), where we still are. In the same year, the company made a transition and specialized in industrial wooden packaging, while the children of the founding partners (Loredana, Nicola, Marisa and Marco) took over the administration.

Since then, Schieda Imballaggi has constantly developed and expanded its production plant, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. Since 2023 it has participated in the Piano Transizione 4.0 plan promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development, digitizing some processes and machinery.

How we work

We carry out a personalized consultancy to create a perfect wooden packaging, suitable for your specific needs. We guarantee production flexibility up to covering the complete process.

Our services

We offer standard and fully customized wooden packaging solutions.

Our products